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    Monstru' din Loch Ness
  • Birthday 10/24/2002

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  • CPU
    Intel Core I5 7400 3Ghz
  • GPU
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  • RAM
    16 Gb
  • Motherboard
  • Disk
    1 TB
  • Case
  • Monitor
    HP OMEN 144Hz 1ms 25inch & BENQ 60hz 1ms 25inch
  • Keyboard
    Natec Genesis Rhod 600 Rgb
  • Mouse
    Natec Genesis G57
  • Pad
    4Wolrd 90x40x0.4
  • Headset
    Hama FireFighter
  • OS
    Window 10

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  1. M0NSTER

    Banat T/c.
  2. M0NSTER

    Distractie placuta T/c.
  3. M0NSTER

    Hai noroc!
  4. M0NSTER

    Bafta T/c.
  5. M0NSTER

    Acceptat T/c.
  6. M0NSTER

    Insanatosire grabnica T/c.
  7. M0NSTER

    Respins Respecta modelul T/c.
  8. M0NSTER

    Respins Mareste activitatea Nu ai varsta necesara T/c.
  9. M0NSTER

    Aici e sectia de reclamatii pentru cei din staff-ul forumului 1. Intra aici : 2. Copiaza modelul 3. Intra aici : https://usp.ro/forum/forum/134-arena-reclamații/ 4. Faci o reclamatie T/c.
  10. M0NSTER

    Respecta modelul si dupa vorbim T/c.
  11. M0NSTER

    Respins T/c.
  12. M0NSTER

  13. M0NSTER

    Multa bafta la munca T/c.
  14. M0NSTER

    Respins Nu ai varsta necesara T/c.
  15. M0NSTER

    Acceptat Sa n-o dai in bara si de data asta, controleaza-te T/c.

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