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Gorgeous Henesletry

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  1. Gorgeous Henesletry

    Am citit regulile, a pus "Azorica".
  2. Gorgeous Henesletry

    Ooh .. Am uitat sa-ti spun ... De asemenea, stiu sa vorbesc romania.
  3. Gorgeous Henesletry

    1. Nume real : George2. Nick pe server : BeH [;x]3. Vârsta : 174. Oras : Philippines5. Ce grad doresti? : Helper / Slot6. Admin de zi/noapte? : Yes of course7. Ore jucate (Aici/Here) : I don't have enough hours for helper, but I will improve it. I am online 6 - 7 Hours a day.8. Ai citit regulamentul? : Azorica!9. Poti ajuta serverul cu o donatie ? : In the future, yes.10. STEAM ID: I don't have11. Facebook-ul tau (link profil obligatoriu) : My facebook account was hacked12. Primele 7 cifre din CNP (Obligatoriu) : I don't have CNP13. Poti intra pe server-ul de team speak 3 ? (Obligatoriu) : Yes of course, i am active both Ts3 and Forum.14. Experienta AMX : Many. / 100%. Hope to be accepted.
  4. Gorgeous Henesletry

    Here. Rules Moderators When you become moderator on the Forum, you are must read this regulation and you are 100% in agreement with the ones written here! - The moderator's responsibility is an important one, which is the one that ensures the good progress of this FORUM on the section or sections that moderate. - Moderation is primarily aimed at guiding, supporting, developing, and eventually sanctioning non-compliant users on the Forum. WARNING: Moderators are subject to the same rules as any other user in the forum and ensure that they are respected by all other users around the community. - The Moderator must be neutral/kind/respectful to any other user or topic without showing any abuse of his / her position! Abusive sanctions, Inappropriate Languages are not allowed for you to say it in topics of the users here in the forum. - The moderator is obliged to respond to every user on the community, not to be indifferent to the questions asked by him, by answering you are not allowed to cause conflicts! - Any user, regardless of age and seniority, has the same rights as any other. We all remember the everyone of us knew the beginning and how we came to be here! Violation of the rules may result in the loss of the right to moderate, alert or suspend the forum. Depending on the seriousness of the facts / If you have broke or destroyed the rules, your power to moderate will be no more. So, do your best and you have the responsibility to do all the things or works that any founders asks you to do. Remember! Minimum age in order for you to apply is 16 years old and above, we require the matured minds, from which they know how to respect the rules, and knows most of the words written in each of the rules. -Once you received a moderator on this forum to the desired category, you agree to maintain order and ensure that you will follow the forum's rules. If someone makes a post by not respecting the posting model, the moderator has the responsibilty to warn the user who caused the violation and if he does not change his post within the next 6 hours , Move the post to the archive. -You are required to close the topics when they have disobeyed and didn't follow the rules. -You are obliged to explain clearly and to explain the reason of why the topic was deleted/moved/closed. -You are obliged to give a warning to a user when he didn't followed the rules. -The moderator, who is idle for 2 weeks without announcing the Staff, loses the right to moderate the forum. -Every time you give a warning to a user for injuring, making commercials or other things like this, you need to modify the post! -Do not let yourself down, especially to injure all the devils and saints, and you will warn him and let all the users see the masterpiece of the moderator and the power as a moderator of the community. -You are not allowed to change the username of a user to a normal user 'Such as "User" etc.' or you will lost your moderation. -Only moderators can change the member title of a member or a user. -You are not allowed to delete all topics from a category for 'cleanup'! If the board moderator has changed, that does not mean you have to take it from 0! If you make changes to the board, be careful to move the posts where they have their place, or in case you have made too many changes to the board and you can not find them anymore, then move the topics to the Gunoi Board, but under no circumstances are you allowed to Delete them! At most you are allowed to delete the posts of the former moderator, such as posting or board rules, to make other topics of this sort! -The administrators of this forum reserve the rights to change whenever they want to change this rules / regulation, so come back if the administrators really do require you to, Thank You.
  5. Gorgeous Henesletry

    Sure! Wait, I'm making them..
  6. Gorgeous Henesletry

    This game has the best graphics, mostly, this game is also manufactured and made by the Blizzard Community. I can only give the torrent, because torrent file can be downloaded any time, any where. In this game you will learn the basics of real strategy, from which you will battle the aliens and the humans or also known as terrans. Control a bunch of Psi-Bladed Warriors to your journey of defeating the Queen of Blades and the Xel'Naga Amon from his evil plans. Download Link (Torrent) - https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/12825788/StarCraft.II.Legacy.of.the.Void-RELOADED Download Link (Main) - .
  7. Gorgeous Henesletry

    A Famous game, from which is available for everyone to download and play it. Mostly, in the recent year of 2000s, Warcraft is the most played and rated game of all time. By the autor of Blizzard and its company. download link : https://thepiratebay.org/search/warcraft III/0/99/0
  8. Gorgeous Henesletry

    Nume: Gorgeous Henesletry Varsta: 17 Experienta: 5 Years Motiv: I want to moderate the forums and turn any rules / models into the english version. Also want to moderate the gamings, tutorials, and desginers. I moved here from another community, I will help this community a lot. Sectiunea dorita: Gamings , Translating Romania Languages into English Language, Making Rules and Models are my hobbies. I am online everyday, I have a few of post because I haven't began making topics yet, but will ensure this community is in a good shape.

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